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It’s finally time for your engagement session and you’re wondering – what on Earth do we wear?!

Engagement sessions are so much fun and provide so many benefits. They give you a chance to meet and interact with your photographer in-person before your wedding day (moi!), and most importantly, prepare you with the poses, prompts and confidence needed to nail your portraits at the BIG event.

There are a lot of factors that play into choosing which colors and/or patterns to wear to your engagement session, including the time of year, your skin and hair tones and colors of the location.

Another important factor not to be forgotten is your photographer’s edit style. Before your shoot you should know what to expect by glancing at your photographer’s portfolio. For example, the Alexa Lynn Photography style leans on soft natural light and an editorial feel.

Check out my Pinterest board to view photo inspiration. Read below to discover some of my biggest tips explained (with photo examples) to help you plan an unforgettable and flawless engagement session experience!

Need help choosing your location first? Check out my top NJ engagement photo locations!

Keep the Season in Mind

Having your session in the summer? Tanks and shorts are acceptable. In the fall or winter? Bring a chic vest or cozy blanket to wrap up in. Consider the colors and patterns of the season too. If we’ll be around fall foliage, neutrals and flannels will look great, whereas neons would not. If there’s snow on the ground, emerald and jewel tones contrast beautifully against the white ground.

Complement Each Other

Avoid being too match-matchy. You don’t want to come in the exact same color, but shades of the same color are a good idea. Similarly, match each other’s formality. If one is in an evening gown, the other shouldn’t be in a t-shirt and jeans. If one of you is in a pattern (for example, her in a floral printed dress, or him in a plaid shirt), the other should be in a solid color. Lay out your clothing ideas beforehand to see how they look together.

Pull out the Colors of your Location

Photo shoot at the beach? Try blues, sandy tan, or seaglass green. In the garden? Soft pinks or whites will suit a backdrop of many colorful flowers. Maybe your session is at somewhere busy, like in the city. Solid whites, tans, striped shirts for men, and flowy dresses for women will work well.

Neutral Background = Play with Color

While I typically lean towards soft and natural hues, I also LOVE pops of color in photography. Especially if you think it represents your personalities better. If your background or location will work with it – and you yourself are a colorful couple – then rock it! It is fun and playful to bring in a pop of magenta, burnt orange, mustard, ruby red, or emerald.

When in Doubt, Neutrals and Earth Tones always Photograph Well

Neutrals (tans, beiges, whites, browns) and earth tones (sage green, blue, denim, chambray) are safe bets and always look timeless in nature!

Things to Avoid

Avoid wearing solid green if we’ll be photographing around trees/grass a lot; clothes and shoes with large patterns or logos; neons; and iWatches, wristbands and hair ties on your arms.

Alexa’s Top 10 Tips:

  1. Remember to iron
  2. Dog hair in the car on your ride over? Bring a lint roller!
  3. Make sure nothing is see-through
  4. Bring flip-flops for walking around locations
  5. Bring lipstick/gloss for touch-ups
  6. Bring water (Lots smiles, laughs and walking around make you thirsty!)
  7. Champagne is encouraged (*Let me know ahead of time and I’ll bring the glasses)
  8. Bring two outfits (it’s included in your session!). I suggest a casual and a more formal set.
  9. Remember to remove items from your pockets and sunglasses from the top of your head.
  10. If bringing your pup, consider bringing a friend to hold them when we’re not using them in photos. Or, if you feel comfortable either tying them up next to us or waiting in the car (with the windows cracked!) we can do that. Bringing treats is also a good idea for getting them to look at the camera!

Looking for more photo inspo? View my What to Wear: Engagement Session Pinterest board!

Still perplexed on what to wear to your engagement shoot? Feel free to reach out! 🙂


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