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Asbury Park Engagement

This rainy weather has been the worst! Not once, not twice but three times did we need to reschedule Rishi & Jill’s Asbury Park engagement session due to stormy skies. But you know what they say, third time’s the charm – and charming it was!

Rishi and Jill met at Lafayette College back in 2011 when they played on the same ultimate frisbee team. As Jill tells it, “We shared a lot of the same friends and interests, although Rishi believes we didn’t become “real friends” until sophomore year. Essentially, he blocks out our entire first year of friendship!”

Their friendship grew with every year but it wasn’t until two years after college that the two began dating. “We have traveled all over together and are truly best friends. Even though we definitely had feelings for each other in college, our relationship is much stronger having been friends for so many years first,” she says.

But after attending approximately 25 weddings together in the last two years, Jill couldn’t help but wonder when it would be their turn.

“I probably nagged Rishi every few days for a whole year about the commitment. In fact, the morning before we got engaged, I was annoyed about something and literally said ‘it doesn’t matter, I’ll never be a bride anyway!’ Sure enough, 12 hours later my whole family was in the backyard celebrating our engagement!”

When asked his favorite thing about Jill Rishi replied, “That indescribable feeling I get by her just being her… Whether it be her immediate and happy energy she brings first thing in the morning or the way she asks if I’m ready for her singing performances when we get into the car together, to the smallest of things, like the way she scrunches her nose when she fixes her glasses.” Say it with me now: Awwwwww!

These two are the perfect balance of spontaneity and calm. Rishi, the adventure seeker, has gotten them to ride the longest zip line in the world across a canyon in Dubai, jump 30 feet off a shipwreck, and scale the side of a building! When they’re not chasing adrenaline, they are relaxing at home (probably with Porta pizza and candy) by the Jersey Shore with their sweet Wheaton terrier, Jameson. I am SO excited to capture Jill & Rishi’s multi-day wedding this October at LBI National Golf Club and Bonnet Island Estate!

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